Our Story

Dreams really do come true!


My 'Why'

 It may be cliche to say that dreams do come true but you can’t get around it. If you set your intentions and truly believe in yourself, it will happen! 

Six years ago, my family and I moved to Tomball. At the time, my daughter was only 4. Her three older brothers were in lots of extra curricular activities and so, at 4, I thought it would be a perfect time for her to try dance. I chose dance because dancing was something that she had done since she learned how to stand. Sometimes she didn’t even need music! As a mom, you just know, right!?

Also, dance was always something that, as a child, I had a passion for. Looking back I remember the classes, dance instructors, recitals and performances that I was a part of but more than that, I relate dance to my mother. Since dancing was such a passion of mine it was so easy for my mom to, of course, support me in anyway she knew how. Even as a teenager and being part of my high school’s drill team, looking up in the stands to see her excitedly waving at me and smiling was enough to complete a performance. Having a supportive parent tends to create a special bond and being a parent now, having that same bond is an indescribable feeling.

My four year old was just too excited to start her first dance class! I remember her trying on her first pair of ballet shoes! I was just so elated to see her so happy! When we got home that evening and it became bedtime I had tucked her in and kissed her and she asked me when her dance class was. I reassured her it was the very next day and to make sure to get lots of rest so she could be prepared. Little did I know she was going to sneak out of bed and put on her dance clothes that night! No kidding...this is what I walked in on the very next morning...

Sorry mom...I just couldn't wait!
Sorry mom...I just couldn't wait!

Kids are so entertaining! Although dance was not the first task of the day, we eventually got to go. My nose didn’t leave the viewing glass. I, of course, have multiple videos of her first class with Ms. Hillary!

My first day of dance!
My first day of dance!

 And so we went to class week after week and practiced hard but had so much fun and made a lot of friends along the way! 

Christmas Classroom Performance!
Christmas Classroom Performance!

 Her first recital was so much fun! Our family and friends came and supported us!  

My first recital!
My first recital!

 And after just two years of beginning to learn the art of dance, she was invited to be a part of the dance school’s company! 

It was carnival day at preschool. She was a zebra!
It was carnival day at preschool. She was a zebra!

 Of course I was on cloud 9! After we started company, she took dance for a year or so but her dance school went away and we had to find a new place to take dance.  


 She did still love to dance but started to lose interest a bit. This was her last ‘first dance class’ pic for a few years. 



After this we took a break and switched over to gymnastics for a few years. In the midst of the craziness of dance classes, recitals, costume fittings, tight replacements (so. many. tight. replacements) and dance company, I then understood completely what it was like for my mom all those years ago. So many times during those four years I would say, ‘someone needs to open a dance store on this side of 249.’ If you are from this area, you already know what I’m talking about. Driving on Spring Cypress towards 249 during rush hour is enough to drive a sane person crazy! It’s only when your six year old comes to you an hour before dance class to let you know there is a hole in her tights and the only thing you can think is AHHH...get dressed NOW...we are going to be SO late! 

Remember about how I mentioned earlier that my boys were in extra curricular activities as well!? So you guys know how we sit on the sidelines and we strike up conversations with other parents...this is how we make like-minded friends right (um, and sometimes people to help shuttle children)!? It just so happens that my now business partner was one of those parents. Our boys were on the same baseball team years ago when we first moved to Tomball and he ended up moving away and then, four years later, came back and our boys ended up back on the same team again. (Set your intentions and believe it, dreams do come true!) So naturally we began talking and our conversation pretty much picked right back up from where it left off and before I knew it we were building a business together. 


 The first day of building! 


 Starting to come together! 

Cutting and sanding and staining...oh my!

 Cutting and sanding and staining...oh my! 

The finished product!


Welcome to our store!


 Now that the store has opened, my daughter has been a big part of it and her passion for dance is back! She just started ballet again and I couldn’t be happier! 


I have had so much love and support from friends and family the journey has been unreal! The customers that have visited so far have all said, ‘we are so glad you are so close.’ This sentence makes my heart happy because it truly is the reason I opened the store to begin with. From one dance mom to another, we support you, we are here for you and we understand!


Thanks for reading!! <3